Kinsley & Sons, Inc. GOTHIC was founded in 1917 by Felix P Kinsley, Sr. Throughout its 91 years in business Kinsley & Sons has become the premier manufacturer of emblematic jewelry. That same quality is evident throughout the entire jewelry catalog. We are also very proud of our own patented GOTHIC shank; this shank assures the wearer of owning the longest lasting shank in the industry. 

We are a complete manufacturer of jewelry, casting and assembling most of the items that we sell to the retail jewelry store. In addition we provide diamond setting, including the “bead and bright” cut, stone bezel setting, enameling, and laser welding. For enameling, we use hard glass enamel that is baked on to the gold at extremely high temperatures which gives the jewelry a long lasting colorful finish. We have most recently begun to offer computer aided design or CAD. We utilize Rhino design software paired with a Solidscape T76 wax printer or a more traditional 4-axis mill machine.
The last process each of our pieces goes through is the 3 step polishing phase. Care is taken to assure that each piece has a bright and beautiful luster. Once it is polished, the piece inspected by two separate departments for order accuracy and that the final product matches the high standard of quality that we are proud to offer. 
Our factory will work on both rings that we as well as other manufacture. We offer a memo service that allows the retailers to show their customers the actual piece rather than a picture in a catalog. 
In 1957 Felix P. Kinsley, Jr., became the president of Kinsley & Sons. He was the originator of the company’s highly successful memo program. He served as president until 2001. Since 2001, his son-in-law Ken Thoele has served as president as the company has entered into the third and fourth “generations.”