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You get what you pay for.

Since 1917, we’ve established ourselves as a premier manufacturer of Fraternal jewelry, and over the years, have expanded our line tremendously. From bridal and ladies’ remount pieces, to gents rings and accessories, the quality is unsurpassed, and made in the heartland of America. We understand it may cost more, but our pieces are a keepsake, able to be passed down to future generations.

When selecting your ring, whether to join a lodge or say “I do,” consider the quality and lasting vision versus a lighter weight piece that will not stand the test of time. For nearly a century, we certainly have. Every piece is hand filed, assembled, and put through a rigorous finishing process.

However, have a piece of jewelry in need of repair or you are unhappy with?

Let us help.

Through our network of retail jewelers, we can work on and repair any manufacturer’s item.

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